Pack your suitcase for 5 TOP coffee destinations

What does the world cost? NO IDEA, coffeekult doesn’t know either. But we would love to take you on a journey around the world, cost-effective, wallet-friendly, and super exciting. Explore the coffeekult COFFEE WORLD with us, filled with magical stories and abundant flavors. – WITH COFFEEKULT ON A WORLD TOUR:

How are the travel preparations for the world tour going? This journey requires a full suitcase, but in return, you will discover the world and immerse yourself immediately and everywhere in our 5 top coffee destinations’ local events!

What do you need for the coffeekult world tour?:

  1. Fireproof shoes
  2. White Shirt
  3. Tyrolean lederhosen or dirndl
  4. Swimwear + an espresso cup (preferably 2!)
  5. An additional suitcase (very important!!)

1. From Innsbruck directly to BRAZIL!

It is a land of superlatives: not only is it the largest country in South America, but it is also the world’s number one coffee producer and exporter, a title it has held for over 150 years.

We’re diving right into life with you and first unpacking the FIREPROOF SHOES!

On our coffee journey, we head to the coffee bean farm Fazenda San Martin, located in the midst of the savanna of central Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais. Brazilians have fiery rhythms in their blood and especially in their legs, so we must be able to keep up! Into the FIREPROOF SHOES we go, starting with samba dances that make us as hot as a volcano. Or, to put it in the words of the singer Tony Holiday, “Dance samba with me, samba, samba all night long. Dance samba with me, because samba makes us happy.”

Then we dance into the coffee plantations of Fazenda, it will be a long samba: it spans over 35 hectares and is run by Senhor Nelson Rivellini, who continues a more than 100-year-old family tradition. He will tell us his exciting family history – here’s a little spoiler: his grandfather started the coffee cultivation back then. The Italian native, along with his entire family, made the long journey from Italy to Brazil to establish the first plantations in Sao Paulo and later in Paraná.

Of course, you can also admire the 100% Arabica from him, with which coffeekult continues to spoil you.

2. Don’t feign tiredness, we’re heading to EL SALVADOR

Before we visit one of our super awesome coffee producers, the Hernandes family, with whom we’ve been friends for years, it’s time for the dress code!

We’re definitely not throwing a White Party with our WHITE SHIRTS because we want some color in life. In El Salvador, millennia ago, the Mayans inhabited the region and dyed their textiles with a very special color: indigo! Indigo is one of the oldest and most well-known pigments, used to dye textiles since prehistoric times. Especially in the Jiquilisco community, there was plenty of it, the place name translates to Xiquilit-Collector”. The blue natural dye indigo is extracted from the roots of the Xiquilit plant.

Cool and stylishly dressed – with our redesigned WHITE SHIRTS – we visit Eduardo.

We’ve been working very closely with him since 2015. And it’s only through his help and support that we’ve managed to work even more sustainably with the local coffee farmers. Not only appreciation, but also a fair price in direct trade enables them to have a more sustainable cultivation. The farmers are no longer dependent on achieving high crop yields, but can now deliver consistent and high quality, combined with much joy. Pure and sustainable joy, which goes well with our new INDIGO SHIRTS and of course with coffeekult!

Though El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, the love for coffee is as big as that of coffeekult! Among its approximately seven million inhabitants, there are about 20,000 coffee producers, so the passion for the bean is ingrained in them.

We especially love the coffee beans from the Santa Cristina Farm, the same ones from the Hernandes family. The taste of the coffeekult El Salvador roast enchants everyone.

santa cristina el salvador coffee farm

3. Now we need more physical activity – off to PERU

In Peru, we simply have to unpack the “Tyrolean” outfit! Dressed in LEDERHOSEN OR DIRNDL, we hike up to Machu Picchu, the impressive Inca city built at an altitude of 2430 meters, an important part of Peruvian culture. What the Peruvians also love is music, especially traditionally played on the Andean flute (also called Quena) or the pan flute.

coffeekult loves all cultures, and a mix doesn’t hurt any culture, on the contrary. Here we swing our dance calves in the evening, Tyrol meets Peru, and we dance in LEDERHOSEN OR DIRNDL until late into the night, and the sounds of the pan flutes blend with Tyrolean shouts of joy.

The next day: First, sleep in, and then – Good morning! Coffee is finally here again. Peruvian coffee beans are highly sought after and in great demand among connoisseurs. No wonder, as they are diverse, digestible, and aromatic… a coffee secret for connoisseurs! About 90% of Peruvian coffee comes from small farms, of which there are around 120,000.

The large number of fair-trade cooperatives makes Peru the number one exporter of organic coffee. Mountainous landscape, thin air – Peruvian coffee farmers have to work hard to achieve the perfect bean. So they are not only exceptionally low in acidity and spicy in taste, but are also grown according to organic and sustainable standards.

Coffeekult can confirm this: Our roast from Peru is highly sought after!


4. Okay – coffeekult definitely also indulges in relaxation! Off to COLOMBIA

Colombia is the shooting star of Latin America and has become a true magnet for travelers in recent years. The country has the most beautiful beaches in the world, so get into your SWIMWEAR and don’t forget to bring the ESPRESSO CUPS. The country offers two world seas, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, now that’s what I call a choice.

Your SWIMWEAR will be thrilled, they haven’t been worn so stylishly in a long time. And why the ESPRESSO CUPS actually: Some cities, such as Medellin, were considered the most dangerous cities in the world. We take it easy: People don’t just come together by talking, as the saying goes. How about a “peace drink”: Prepare a coffee in a coffeekult style on the beach, fill it into two ESPRESSO CUPS, and drink to peace!

But don’t panic – the claim of “most dangerous city in the world” is often just that, Colombia is a beautiful and quite safe spot on this earth! And by now, the country is also known more for its aromatic coffee and you shouldn’t miss that for anything. Perfect coffee-growing climate, combined with the world’s best coffee varieties and farms managed in harmony with nature, contribute to the popularity of Colombian coffee and make every coffee lover’s mouth water.

After the cheerful swim in the sea, there’s a fruity taste explosion à la coffeekult:

With  “LA FRUTAS”, our Single Roast from COLOMBIA, full of flavors of strawberries and tropical fruits. We source the raw beans directly from Huila, a region in southwestern Colombia. The coffee is produced by only 32 producers following a strict protocol. The special feature: There is a double fermentation, meaning a two-stage fermentation. This creates the best fruit and citrus notes in the Huila coffee.

5. Before heading home: a quick detour to the coffee birthplace, ETHIOPIA

Now it’s time to stay cool, even though everyone is excited. We’re going exactly where coffee first saw the light of day! Ethiopia is considered its birthplace: According to legend, a shepherd named Kaldi discovered the coffee plant when his goats became energetic after eating the red coffee cherries. He tried it himself and started dancing and jumping around with the goats. His wife was a bit suspicious and sent Kaldi with the coffee cherries to the monastery, where the abbot threw them into the fire. Seductive roasting aromas are said to have filled the room.

And what does it look like there today? Around 15 million people work in the country’s coffee sector, which accounts for one-sixth of the population.

So, quickly bring out the EXTRA SUITCASE! The first suitcase is already bursting at the seams, all the souvenirs and gifts from our wonderful coffee farmers need their space! So, rearrange everything a bit, the EXTRA SUITCASE is a lifesaver. Make sure to pack the Yirgacheffe coffee as well, it has room now. It is a specialty of Ethiopia, almost a hidden gem: in the coffee world, it is considered the benchmark in terms of taste. With its fruity, floral aromas, it is unmistakable. While the dry-processed coffee beans from Ethiopia taste unique and almost mysterious, the washed ones are simply elegant, with lemon and floral notes. This breadth and depth of flavor and aromas are hardly found in other countries.

Even coffeekult has convinced many with its Ethiopia Roast: this coffee has its distinctive and novel flavors of lemon/lime, frankincense, and tropical fruits (pineapple, kiwi).

LAST STOP on our world tour: Innsbruck Airport! Welcome back home!

Oops – hopefully, the customs won’t look too deeply into our fully packed suitcases here!

Our advice – just be honest: It’s just coffee! You’ll smell it throughout the entire airport anyway, and then the truth will be believed more quickly!

THANK YOU for your coffee world tour with coffeekult.

Home sweet home, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee right away!

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